Saturday, 11 July 2009

Day 1. Recording trip to Iceland and Greenland.

Day 1. Standing in the queue at Gatwick to check-in I got talking to Sigga, one of only 2 dramatherapists in Iceland. She offered excellent advice on Reykjavik and also sang me a childrens song, she said it was about mother nature. After arriving at my hotel I headed out, the first thing i noticed was the sensation of the air on my cheeks, it felt very gentle, I doubt the weather is always this kind here. I went to meet Rikke and Thorgedur in the Boston Bar, they are 2 radio producers who have been advising me. I had a really good evening with them - I'm not sure who if anyone I will be interviewing in Iceland, so it was good to discuss the possibilities.
I walked back to the hotel, enjoying the lightness of midnight.