Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 9 Ilulissat Greenland.

Day 9. I go to the office, unfortunately the woman from the choir I was to meet is feeling unwell, so Konrad tries to arrange something else. I go off to the TV and radio shop to look for CD’s. I find several - choir and traditional drum music and I stay so long listening to them that I get asked if I’d like some coffee. After lunch I go to meet Konrad’s colleague Tom, who is in the choir and an ex policeman, so I’m hoping to get both a musical and social view. I speak to him for about an hour and he sings me the lullaby he sings to his six children. It’s an incredibly bright and sunny day, T-shirt weather After a few hours back at the hotel I head out to the church where the choir are meeting. I am invited in and I sit in the back to listen and record. It’s very very beautiful singing. A group of about 12 consisting of 5 women, the rest men. It’s SATB, some liturgical and some secular, all sung in Greenlandic. Tom gave me a list of songs to do with the spring, and nature, I’m trying to work out if I am hearing any of them. I chat to a woman and her daughter who offer more advice, I encourage them to sing the lullaby together that Tom sang earlier. I leave the church and head back to the hotel for my last night of iceberg watching.